Our Partners

To enhance the value of our services, we have partnered with some of the most innovative and effective engineering/energy companies including:

2rw  is our engineering partner. 2rw offers not only traditional engineering services but also integrates cost-effective, environmentally-focused engineering and design practices. In addition to the sustainable design of mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, 2rw assists our clients in realizing their goals for efficient operation through energy and water analysis, commissioning, measurement, verification, energy modeling and master planning. 2rw also provides web-based computational and informational services such as energy awareness programs, and evaluates existing structures with facility condition assessments.

Efficiency Energy (EE) is in the pioneer in bringing energy tax credit monetization benefits through Section 179D of the IRS code to our PHA and other public sector clients. In the last few years EE has been involved in returning over $60 million in monetized benefits to public sector entities. 

Our Services

Our mission is to provide win-win enlightened services to assist public agencies in maximizing their energy conservation measures and savings. The Enlightened Energy team has extensive experience in developing and implementing a full range of energy savings and energy management services including:

  • Owner’s representative services in support of Energy Performance Contracts 
  • Energy resiliency analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Comprehensive RAD evaluation and implementation services
  • Project/Construction management
  • Measurement and verification of energy use and cost savings.
  • Physical needs assessments, especially in support of long-term capital improvement plans
  • Commissioning of HVAC, electrical, and control systems.
  • Design of energy-efficient HVAC, electrical, control, plumbing, architectural, and site improvements for residential properties.
  • Calculation of resident-paid utility allowances.
  • Computer simulations of energy use in buildings and dwelling units.
  • Independent, third-party review of energy reduction projects.
  • Securing rebates through programs like 179D

Education and training for:
  • Operations and maintenance staff
  • Residents
  • Energy awareness to influence the energy use behavior of residents and staff
  • Financing
  • Electric and Gas Procurement
  • Utility Rate negotiations and utility overcharge recoveries
Enlightened Energy Consultants
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